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Let be a part of your site!

Let us help you bring more clients to your website. At we have come up with a unique and inexpensive way to attract viewers to your website and when viewers are on your site – they’re thinking about you.

Everyone loves fun facts – just ask the creators of the game show Jeopardy and the game Cranium. The airlines knew this when this when they began scrolling Cranium fun facts for their passengers in flight.

What we can do for you is build an ad banner that includes fun facts (or information-bits) specific to your company or industry. Regardless of your business, we either have the content in our existing data base or we can create it for your needs. The cost to you is very little and includes the set-up and monthly fees. In most cases you can have a fun banner with i-bits scrolling on your site for under $100 within a week and it's tax deductible (please check with your tax advisor for details). Once the banner has been installed send out a notice to your clients or members to visit your website and see something new and exciting! We guarantee they’ll spend more time on your site than ever before.

In addition, we also offer a complete package to create or redesign a custom website for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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