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In 2007 I was contacted by, Inc. about providing i-bits for their on-line web cast of the Daytime Emmy Awards.  Excitedly, I agreed and began my research for fun i-bits that would be used as a constant scroll on TVWorldWide’s web channel.  The i-bits all pertained to the Daytime Emmy’s and it was quite a thrill to see them scroll during the live web cast.  This experience set my mind in faster motion with what fun viewers could have with nearly any topic.

Following the Daytime Emmy Awards opportunity, I was then asked to be involved with the on-line production of the Fourth of July Fireworks on the Mall in Washington, DC.  This was another production from TVWorldwide and the event was filmed for the U.S. Park Service and shown live on-line for viewers worldwide to enjoy, in particular, our military personnel.

In our “categories” you will notice one entitled ‘Events’ and in this category you’ll be able to learn some of the i-bits that were actually used for the two web casts.  Everything from where the Emmy statuettes are made to which tiny newspaper was the only one to carry the gigantic story of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. is available to provide i-bits for just about any event you can imagine.  For more information about our services see the Contact Us page. was at the 59th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards
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