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Navigating the Site

This site was created and designed to allow you, the viewer, to relax and enjoy viewing wholesome and entertaining reads and videos.  It was also designed to allow you to become an member if you so choose.  As a member you become eligible to receive daily information-bits (i-bits), interact directly with the site, including contributing i-bits, video-bits (v-bits), and guest-bits (g-bits), and much more.  You can participate in all of this or simply just view and be entertained, all while you get a little smarter with each visit to the site.

What you will find when you click on one of our many categories are tidbits of information, or as we call them, i-bits.  Each i-bit is a short, fun read about the related category and each is available to easily send to a friend or family member through email.  The email tool creates a lot of fun for our viewers to quickly share quotes, ideas, or facts about everyday topics such as food, health, sports, etc.  We have to warn you, emailing the i-bits can be addicting!

In addition to i-bits, you will notice random v-bits that have “video” corresponding to a particular i-bit.  Even further, we have added g-bits, containing interviews with various “guest” celebrities, professionals, or simply contributors to our i-bits.  Click on the video icons and enjoy the brief shows.

How you can get involved?  Check out our Viewer’s Contribution category.  Have you read or heard something you thought friends never knew?  Have you been on a fun trip recently with your video camera?  Seen something amazing and caught it on film?  Have an old family classic video?  Send us i-bits that you find to but please send the source as well so we can give proper credit on our source list.  We also want you to send us fun v-bits but there are restrictions in length and content.  Visit our contact page to learn how to submit videos and our privacy policy for certain restrictions.

We also have a service to provide i-bits for events such as company functions, school events, sporting events, weddings, advertising, seminars, tradeshows, etc.  Contact us at   To advertise on our website you may also contact

Keep in mind this site is new and a work in process.  With your viewing and interactive support it will continue to grow daily to become a site worth visiting on a regular basis.  We will always appreciate your feedback. 

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