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Privacy Policy will not disclose viewers’ or members’ personal information to third parties except as compelled to do so by law or government authority or as otherwise provided in this policy. will take appropriate measures to safeguard viewers’ and members’ personal information, including using commercially reasonable steps to establish a secure connection with viewers’ and members’ web browser to assure privacy. may offer its viewers and/or members the option to personalize and improve their online experience by creating a user profile in connection with their viewing and interactive experiences.  Viewers will not be required to create a profile to enjoy  A profile will be required for viewers to become members and interact with the web site by contributing i-bits and/or v-bits.

Members will be asked to provide only personal information necessary for to provide the specific services which members request such as the submission of content and video to the website, the purchase of future merchandise, or other features that may become available to our viewers.  This information may include name, email address, age, shipping address, billing address, telephone numbers, or credit card information.  Any additional demographic information collected from members (other than the information needed to provide requested services) will be collected on an optional basis. may use limited personal information (such as name, email address, address) to provide future scheduled email newsletters, daily i-bits, or special offers from or its marketing partners. contractually obligates its marketing partners to safeguard the confidentiality of our viewers’ and members’ personal information.  Unless requested to do so by our viewers or members, does not share members’ credit card information or telephone numbers with our marketing partners. does not receive, store, or share viewers’ or member’s social security numbers.

All viewers can enjoy the website without becoming a member at but to interact with the website by submitting content or video or to purchase items from the website as they become available, a viewer must sign up to become a member.

We may in the future track or record information regarding your usage of the website, including but not limited to, your favorite categories, videos, or overall content, interaction with other members, frequency, or data transfer.

To protect all viewers of the website we track some personal information from our members when they submit video or content to the website in order to maintain the integrity of the website and process any flagging activity or correspondence you send us.

When submitting content or video to the website we may provide your name for other users to view by showing your first name and last initial unless you request otherwise.  Any submitted content or video provided by you may be made available for viewing and sharing on the website

We do not use your email address or other identifiable information for the use of commercial or marketing messages without your consent except in the case of specific features which you will have the opportunity to opt-out.  We may however use your email address without consent to provide you with updates or features of the website.

We will confidentially use your personally identifiable information to improve the quality and features of by means of usage data, IP addresses, clickeam data browser type, and cookies.

This site may, from time to time, provide links to sites operated by third parties.  These sites are governed by different privacy policies.  Please review the privacy policies of these sites. cannot be held responsible for personal information you voluntarily disclose to third parties.  Please safeguard your personal information.

This privacy policy is subject to change.  If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please send an email message to’s online support.

You may also write to us at:
44081 Pipeline Plaza, Suite 105
Ashburn, Virginia 20147


Terms of Use Web Site

It is important for our users of the website to understand the Terms of Usage for and all aspects of, including all of our products and services.  These Terms of Usage apply to all those who contribute information bits, video bits, or other material to this website.  The website includes all of our products and services, including embedding or uploading to any of our application services.

The website for may at times contain links to third party web sites that we have no control or ownership in, therefore, because we do not control the editing of these third party websites we cannot take responsibility for any content or privacy policies they may have on their websites.  The website is to be enjoyed by its users but we require that you relieve us of any liability coming from your use of any third party websites.  We encourage our users to read any and all terms and/or conditions and privacy policies as provided by a third party website when our users leave the to visit a different website.

User Acceptance

It is understood by our visitors to, or users (members) of, the website you hereby agree to the “Terms of Usage,” as stated below, and to the “Privacy Notice” for  We require that you review our Terms of Usage periodically for any changes we may have made to our policies.  We furthermore reserve the right to make any changes to our policies at our sole discretion and at anytime with you remaining bound by the changes.  If you do not agree to the aforementioned please do not use this website.  We do not confer with any third party rights with our policies.

Membership Accounts

To become a “member” of you will be required to provide certain information to create your personal account.  It is required that you provide accurate information, maintain the activity in your account, and keep your password secure.  You are required to notify of any breach of security to your account or unauthorized use.  You may also be held liable for any damages or losses suffered by due to unauthorized users of your account but is not responsible for damages or losses you may suffer from unauthorized users of your account.


Using the Web Site

While permits and encourages its users to enjoy all aspects of the site we do require that you do so under the following terms:

You agree not to attempt to alter or modify the website in any way, including any and all applications or technologies related to

You agree not to use any other means of technology for the use of video playback except what is provided by the website or by other means we may designate; this also includes your submissions of video or content.

You agree not to distribute any part of the website, except as permitted for emailing i-bits, without’s written permission.

You agree not to use the website for your own commercial use, without our written permission, to gain subscription and/or advertising revenue or; for the sale of access to this website; for the sale of advertising on this or any third party website targeted to our site or its users content or submissions.

You agree not to use this site’s content, video, technology or related services with effect of competing or displacing’s market.

You agree that from time to time we or an affiliated third party must download or install certain updates to enhance the user experience on

You agree not to solicit any users for any commercial purposes.

You agree that reserves the right to discontinue the site and all its applications at anytime.

You agree that when using this website you will comply not only with our terms and conditions but also with your local, state, national, and international laws as well.

You agree that any rights for the use of this site may not be assigned or transferred by you but may be assigned or transferred by

Use of Content on the Website

All content on this website, excluding that which has been submitted by our members, is owned by or its contractors, including videos, content, trademarks, logos, audio, photos, graphics, software, text, interactive capabilities, all subject to property rights and copyrights as described by law.  The website is meant for your personal viewing of its content which is presented to you in an “as is” condition from our members or  The content may not be transmitted, downloaded, reproduced, copied, sold, or anything else other than viewing unless you have received written permission form the respective owners. owns all rights otherwise not expressed in the website.

As a member of, under our content submission terms, you may submit video or content for your personal use and for others to view.     

As a member or viewer you agree not copy or distribute any content except for that which is expressly permitted by

All visitors to the website agree not to interfere with security-related features, including disabling, circumventing, or any other type of interference affecting the use of or its content.

As a user of you understand that the website works to disallow “objectionable” content but you may be exposed to submissions from our members that may not be fully accurate, useful, or recognized in its intellectual property rights relating to a member submission.  In addition, you may be exposed to indecent, inaccurate, or objectionable content and you hereby waive all legal, remedies, or equitable rights you have against and agree to indemnify and hold harmless with respect to its affiliates, owners, operators, and licensors, as allowed by law in regards to your use of the website.

Sending Us Content

At this time, to be able to submit content in the form of written or video you must sign up to be a member at  Once you have become a member we welcome your submissions of information-bits (i-bits), video-bits (v-bits), or guest-bits (g-bits).

We do not guarantee the privacy or your content submissions.

We do not guarantee your submissions will be posted to the website but if they are posted you are solely responsible for submitted content as well as responsible for the consequences after they are posted or published.

By submitting your i-bits you are assuring that you have researched, with a reliable source, the content you are sending and you will provide that source along with your content.  By submitting your v-bits or g-bits you are assuring that you own the video or have necessary permission, rights, or licenses to use and allow to post for use without infringement of trademark, patent, proprietary rights or copyright.  You also allow permission to use your submissions in any manner or platform we deem allowable for our use based on the Terms of Usage.

The content you submit is retained in ownership by you but by submission you grant non-exclusive and non-compensation to you, as well as international use to transfer, reproduce, or display in connection with our website or other applications we may have and/or the use by our affiliates or successors.  This includes our use for distributing, posting, promoting, and displaying as well as providing our users a non-conditional licensed right to access your content for viewing or use as described in the Terms of Usage.  The non-conditional license granted by you is irrevocable and perpetual.  With a written request by you, will consider such request to remove or discontinue display of your submitted content.

You agree not to submit indecent or objectionable material and further agree not so submit previously licensed or copyrighted material by someone other than yourself without the written permission of the license holder to to use the content as mentioned in this Terms of Usage. does not allow for infringement of intellectual property and will recognize the source of proprietary written content shown on our Sources page.  If properly notified of any infringement of content or video intellectual property rights we will remove this property from the website.  We reserve the right to remove any content or video without prior notice at anytime.  Video content submitted by you the user may or may not be fully recognized as to its origination on the site.

Members Termination

Membership at is required to submit content or video but membership may be revoked at anytime if it is deemed that the member has infringed on other’s intellectual rights or licensed video without permission of the license holder or membership may be revoked if the member submits objectionable material, such as, obscene, pornography, or defamatory material.

Complaints of Infringement

If you feel someone has infringed on your ownership of a copyright with content or video on this site or you are an agent representing someone who believes their ownership of a copyright has been infringed upon, pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please address the complaint in writing in the following manner:

Send to’s designated Copyright Attorney:

Robert J. Kenney
Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch LLP
P.O. Box 74
Falls Church, VA  22040-0747

Format for submitting complaint should be as follows:

- Identify the copyrighted work you claim to have been infringed along with a reasonable and identifiable location on the servicer’s site location.

- Provide reasonable contact information for you or the person(s) you represent.

- Provide a signed statement of your belief that the content or video you are complaining about is not authorized by its copyright owner.

- Provide a statement that the notification you are providing is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

- Provide a physical signature from you or the person(s) you represent that is claiming the infringement.

If you fail to comply with the required information above you acknowledge your DMCA notice may be invalid.  Please send only complaints base on the DMCA to our aforementioned attorney’s address.  All other correspondence should be sent to our support team with contact information provided on our Contact Us page.

If someone feels they want to counter the claim made by someone regarding they have been infringed upon, that person may send a counter notice to the same address above with information providing their reasoning on a line by line counter complaint to that provided above.  Also provide:

- A statement demonstrating why you feel there has been a mistake in the claim.

- Identification of the content or video that is in question.

- A physical signature.

- Reasonable contact information for yourself.

If a counter complaint is received by we may send a copy of the counter complaint to the person(s) who made the original complaint or their representative.

Limitation of Our Liability

We at work to provide you with the safest and most pleasurable experience we can achieve but it is important for you to agree that in no event our owners, employees, investors, site building contractors or agents be liable to you for any  damages, including, direct, indirect, punitive, consequential or incidental, whatsoever.  This includes inaccuracies or errors in content; personal property damage due to your use of the site; unauthorized access to our servers or personal information stored there; viruses, Trojan horses, bugs, etc. which may transmitted through the use of this site or any third party site; or errors of omissions in content or video causing damage as a result of your submission, viewing, emailing, or transmitting or otherwise made available through  It is understood that you specifically understand and acknowledge that will not be held liable for illegal conduct or the defamatory or offensive actions of a third party which may result in harm or damage.  This liability rests solely with you.


It is required that you expressly agree to hold harmless and indemnify owners, employees, agents, and site contractors of from any claims of losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including attorney fees) arising from any of the following:  (A) Your using the web site.  (B) Your violation of the Terms of Usage.  (C) Your violation of third parties with respect to copyright, privacy, or property rights.  (D) Any claims of damage to a third party because of your content or video submission.  All defense and indemnification obligation survives the Terms of Usage and/or Service and your use of’s website.

Age Minimum for Usage of Site

At we attempt to provide a website for the enjoyment of nearly all ages but we feel that 12 years of age is a required minimum.  To continue use of this site you must affirm that you are at least 12 years old and if you are younger than 18 we ask that you have parental or guardian consent to become a member of in order to participate in the full enjoyment of contributing i-bits, v-bits, or g-bits.  Being at least 18 or having the consent of a parent or guardian is required so you may comply with our Terms of Usage and its conditions, representations, terms, and obligations.


You agree the Terms of Usage shall be governed by the state of Virginia, the location for, and only by the state of Virginia.  Claims or disputes between you and shall be decided in a court of competent jurisdiction in the state of Virginia. is considered a passive website meaning it does give rise to personal jurisdiction over the company,, either specifically or in general, in any jurisdiction other than Virginia.  These Terms of Usage, along with our Privacy Policy at, and any other published or posted legal notice on the website shall constitute the entire agreement between you and with regards to the website.  If, in part, a competent jurisdiction shall deem any provision of this agreement to be invalid it will in no way effect the validity of the remainder of this agreement. reserves the right to change or amend these Terms of Usage at any time without notice and it is your responsibility to review Terms for any changes.  Your use of this website following any changes to the Terms signifies your acceptance to any revision of the Terms.  You expressly agree that any cause of action due to or related to the website must commence within six months after the related cause of action occurs, otherwise, such cause of action is permanently disallowed. 

Privacy Policy
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